Life after death. In a Box? (Part 1)

Ray of Hope

My journey in finding GOD, (rather letting him find me) started in 1984 when our oldest, David who was 2 fell off our bed onto a hardwood floor. He was playing with his cousins and like kids do they were jumping up and down, laughing and giggling, just having a great time. After he fell we kept an eye on him for the usual signs, bump on his head, tired, becoming lethargic. Everything seemed fine, no worse for the wear. After a while we went on with our lifes and he continued to play like a normal 2 year old. My wife Nancy had enough on her plate, she was almost 8 months pregnant, so she didn’t need any more stress piled onto her.

Even before the accident; David had a tough time sleeping in his own bed, but he was just starting to feel confortable in his own room. That is until 4 or 5 days later; when in the middle of the night he came into our room and wanted to sleep with us, we said ok and he fell right to sleep.

(Miracle #1) Then at about five in the morning, Nancy and I were awaken by the violent shaking of our son, we tried to get him to wake up thinking he was having a bad dream, but we couldn’t get him to stop his eyes rolling back into his head, and it looked like he was going to swallow his tongue, we got dressed and with my wife driving I held our son. We took him to the emergency room at one of our local hospitals which was about 10 minutes away from our house.

As we were on the road, I had heard that you should put your fingers in the mouth of someone who was convulsing so that they would not swallow their tongue; that is what I did (I later found out at the hospital that it was impossible for someone to swallow their tongue). It was a few days before the indentions in my fingers totally went away.

When we arrived at the hospital, they rushed him into a room and began working to try to stop the seizures, we later found out was that he was having a Grand Mal Seizure; which is a loss of consciouness and violent muscle contractions, many times caused by epilepsy. We were in a state of panic not knowing what was happening. This worrying was putting a huge strain on my wife, I was concerned that she would go into labor right then and there.

After what seemed like hours they finally got the seizures under control. After David calmed down they took him to get xrays of his head to see what had caused the seizure. We followed close behind. After they took the xrays and they came up on the screen, I noticed that there was a big spot on part of David’s brain. I was definately no doctor but I knew that the spot was not supposed to be there. Panic really began to set in.

The doctor came in and began to talk to us, he confirmed what I had seen and said that he was transferring him to a childrens hospital in St. Louis Missouri just across the river. They put David in a ambulance and I climbed into the back with him. Nancy followed behind riding with her parents. It was the longest ride in my life, looking down into the eyes of a very scared 2 year old; who had no idea what was going on.

Finally, when arriving in the hospital they began to run tests on him, we sat in the waiting room not knowing what to expect. I was expecting something bad like a tumor. Finally the doctor came out and began to talk to us about what was going on. He asked if he had fallen recently. We told him about him falling off the bed about 4 or 5 days ago. He then told us that him falling was probably the cause of the seizures, and that they usually don’t start until several days later. He then went on to tell us that after a fall like that if there is no bump then a bruise could form inside, which is what happened.

(miracle #2) He went on to explain that a young child could have damage on over half of his brain and the brain would rejuvinate itself and be as good as new, but his main concern was making sure the seizures did not reappear. He wanted to keep him in the hospital and put him on medicine that would help control them. He also said that he would probably have to be on them for awhile. A wave of relief came over us as we took in the news.

We decided that I would stay at the hospital with David, while Nancy went home and rested, It took a little bit of convincing but she finally agreed. So I stayed in the room with our son as he recovered and adapted to the medicine that they were giving him, and after a few days he was ready to go home

But that was just the beginning of the journey………

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