Roselawn Cemetary (Bethalto Illinois)

I tried to keep from shutting my eyes, but the more I laid on the bed the harder it became. Finally I gave in, just like the previous few nights the visions returned. The young body was laid carefully in a box and gently the lid was closed, shut tight. Just like the past nights my eyes jerked open, sweat soaking my shirt. Panic overwhelmed me so fiercely that I couldn’t breathe. I stood up kissed our son on the forehead and left the room.

After a few days in the childrens hospital the doctor released David. He told us that he was fine, but we still needed to keep an eye on him and we had to give him the medicine to keep him from having any more convulsions. after recieving instructions on what to watch for, and any other instructions we signed the paper work and brought him home.

We were told to keep him calm and not let him play too hard. Try to keep a two year old calm and not be well, a two year old! My wife was almost nine months pregnant so she needed to rest and didn’t need the added stress.

But night time was the hardest for me. When it was time for him to go to bed, I was the one to take him. After tucking him in , I would lay down next to him, not wanting to leave him alone. Eventually; I would close my eyes and start to drift. Then the visions started.

Growing up my parents never went to church which was always struck me as odd because my fathers parents were very strong Christians. As we got older my dad told us that he didn’t want to force us to go to church and that if we really wanted to go then they would take us. I realized later that it was just an excuse.

As I got older I had very conflicting feelings about whether or not there was a GOD. I just couldn’t get into my head of a creator watching over us. On the other hand I had my grandparents, especially my grandmother who had such a strong faith and it showed through everything she said and did. Unfortunately she had died in an automobile accident a few years earlier, so I lost what ever connection I had with GOD.

After David fell the uncertainty came front and center. If there wasn’t a Heaven then what happened after a person died, were they just put in a box where their dead body would stay for eternity. At that point I think that GOD was pushing me in a way that I couldn’t ignore.

Unlike my family, my wifes family went to church. A new pastor had just come to her church, so with my wifes urging I decided that I needed to talk to him. I made an appointment and immediately through him GOD began to change me, sure I had setbacks but instead of losing faith, my faith became stronger. I will forever be grateful for the friendship that I had with pastor though we have lost touch he was sent to me at the time that I needed him the most. Thank you Pastor Weise I will never forget.

Through the years following; there has been many ups and downs but I have never lost the faith and belief that GOD is in control and with him everthing will be ok, and when I die though the body may remain in that box, my spirit will rise up and join my Father in heaven. I can join my grandmother and tell her thank you for her love and her unrelenting faith

My grandparentsand my dad (on left) and my uncle.
My grandparents on right don’t know who other couple is.

3 responses to “LIFE AFTER DEATH. IN A BOX? (PART 2)”

  1. Beautifully written yes sometimes at our young age but at some certain age we realise that we have to keep faith on Him well shared thanks 😊👍

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